2020 Contest Disruption Updates


UIL Amends Suspension of Activities Due to COVID-19

With the announcement that all Texas school are to remain closed to in-person learning for the remainder of the school year, and in an effort to help protect the health & safety of Texans, the University Interscholastic League is cancelling all remaining 2019-2020 Spring activities and State championships.

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Message from TTAO on 4/18/20:

TTAO Friends: 

With UIL’s announcement yesterday of cancelling all remaining activities for this academic year, I know that, while many of us anticipated that it could happen, our hearts are all still heavy. For TTAO’s Adjudicators and Contest Managers, the OAP Contest means so very much to us.

Of course, our organization’s main priority is to assure that everyone remains safe and healthy through this COVID-19 pandemic. So, while we are all disappointed, TTAO fully supports UIL in this decision for the good of the whole. 

As the Chair of TTAO, please let me take this time to personally thank you all for your patience and flexibility over the last several weeks in trying our very best to do whatever we can do for the theatre students and teachers in the state of Texas during this uncertain time. Truly, the members of our organization have exhibited a dedication to selflessly serve at every turn, and for that I am so grateful to you. 

Wishing all the best to you and yours,

Carrie Klypchak, PhD
Chair, TTAO


UIL Amends Suspension of Activities Due to COVID-19

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INFO & UPDATES ➡️ uiltexas.org/covid-19-information


As of the time of this update, UIL has decided to try to continue with District contests that have not yet happened and conduct each tier of the contest process through the State Meet. However, UIL has now extended its suspension of all activities, and the earliest any contests may resume as of this writing is May 4.

*No rescheduling is being done at this point. As we all know this is a continually evolving situation due to COVID-19. UIL has not determined a timeline for these contests at this point.*


1. UPDATE AVAILABILITY FOR THE MONTH OF MAY: Adjudicators should get into TTAO Connect and update their availability through the month of May. Paula Rodriguez has already communicated with Contest Managers, and your District or Bi-District CMs should contact you when/if a new contest date is determined, cancel any inapplicable contracts, and issue you new ones in TTAO Connect. So, again, as a judge, the only thing you really need to do in TTAO Connect right now is update your current availability through May, CMs should take care of the rest.

(Note: Please remember that when/if you get a new contest date from a CM, you should not mark that as unavailable in TTAO Connect, as it will not let the Contest Manager send you the newly updated contract for that day; once that contract is accepted, the system will automatically reserve the date for you.)

2. TRY TO CANCEL PERSONALLY PURCHASED TRAVEL: If you purchased a flight, etc. for a contest out of pocket for reimbursement that you know will no longer be applicable because of changed contest dates, Ms. Rodriguez has stated that you should try to cancel those flights, etc. and that many airlines are offering refunds.

3. IF YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO WITHDRAW: If a judge already knows they need to withdraw from a District or Bi-District contest that could be scheduled in the future due to COVID-19 concerns and/or scheduling/site change, etc. concerns, they should go ahead and inform their CM for that contest. Right now, Ms. Rodriguez has stated that she is keeping all Area, Region and State judging assignments as is. Should an adjudicator need to withdraw from any of those, they should contact her directly at: prodriguez@uiltexas.org.

This is all an incredibly fluid situation at this point. It is important to reiterate that no rescheduling is occurring at this time. All decisions remain flexible as UIL continues to monitor and reassess this ever-changing situation. As well, Ms. Rodriguez has also said that if you have specific questions you may contact her as the UIL State Theatre Director. Thank you for your continued flexibility and understanding.


TTAO Friends: 

Our team has been working to find the most straightforward way to change dates, sites, judges, etc. etc. in TTAO Connect for Adjudicator Contractual Agreements when need be. As we all know, the present circumstances offer challenges that no one could really anticipate, and the Connect system didn’t anticipate it either! So, what has been determined is that the original Contractual Agreements/Events will need to be canceled/deleted in Connect BY THE CONTEST MANAGER if there are changes, and new events/Contractual Agreements will need to be created/distributed to Adjudicators (for any changes… dates, sites, etc. etc.)

*ADJUDICATORS: Please anticipate communication from your Contest Managers about any contest shifts/new Contractual Agreements coming your way. Also, *all* Adjudicators need to remain aware that you may be receiving new offers to judge during this period of time if the originally slated judges can no longer serve given shifts, health concerns, etc. See below regarding how Contest Managers are being asked to approach all of this, and please remain diligent about checking your emails regularly – including your “spammy” folders. This is very important, as you will again have that 72 hour window to either accept or reject a contract through Connect, but *please* do this as soon as possible! Your Contest Managers are working hard doing *all the things* right now!

*CONTEST MANAGERS: Please approach new Contractual Agreements in the following way:

1. Make sure that you get the currently slated judges’ contact information from the existing contract in Connect before you cancel it so that you have their direct contact information handy.

2. Directly contact the originally slated judges and communicate to them the proposed changes. Please try to be as thorough as possible in your communication with them about any changes (date, site, travel accommodations/reimbursement approach, number of schools, pay, etc. etc.) and understand that some of those judges may or may not be able to continue to serve given those changes and/or their own circumstances (i.e. if they have health concerns regarding the coronavirus, etc.). Also, make sure that they know when you are going to cancel the existing Contractual Agreement and issue the new Contractual Agreement so they remain on the “look-out” for it coming to them via email once you have created it in TTAO Connect. This will be important, as they will still have the 72 hour window to accept or reject the new Contractual Agreement.

3. Create the new Event/Contractual Agreements in Connect with the appropriately changed dynamics of the contest and issue it to appropriate judges (be those the originally slated ones or new ones).

All of the above approach will need to be done in the future as well by Contest Managers if the specifics of a contest change again (hopefully, that won’t be the case, of course, but as we all know, we are in uncertain times right now).

***Again, if Contest Managers have questions about shifting a contest in any way, please contact Paula Rodriguez as the UIL State Theatre Director directly. As well, if a contest date, site, etc. is shifting, please make sure that she knows that. (Just fyi: Ms. Rodriguez has already recently communicated that at this time, there is no need to open/edit the Spring Meet entry system for District Competitions.)***

As always, thank you to you all for your patience, flexibility, and hard work! Obviously, this is not where any of us wanted to be, but here we are… and we will “make it work” for those kids.

Best to you and yours-

Carrie Klypchak, PhD
Chair, TTAO


Paula Rodriguez again gave me permission to share the below with you all that she just posted on the One-Act Play Director’s Facebook page from UIL. I know that everyone will have many questions regarding contractual agreements, scheduling, etc.

Adjudicators: Please stay in close communication with your Contest Managers regarding any shifts. Also, please make sure that your availability is completely updated on TTAO Connect, as shifts will undoubtedly need to happen.

Contest Managers: If you have any questions regarding the re-scheduling of a contest, adjudicator assignments, etc., please contact Paula directly using her contact information that she provides in her below message.

Continuing thanks to you all for your flexibility, patience, and commitment to working together for the good of the students. And, again, please know that whatever I find out, I will continue to let you know as soon as possible (in the end, you may get tired of hearing from me… but I’ll definitely let you know when/if info. comes my way:)!

Carrie Klypchak, PhDChair, TTAO


UIL One Act Play Directors,

As we continue to monitor the rapidly changing status of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and how it is impacting students and their activities we have the following updates regarding the remaining UIL One act Play Contests for the 2019-2020 school year.

All UIL events scheduled March 16-29 are to be suspended. Rehearsals and practices during the time of suspension may be held with approval from the local school district. Beginning on March 30th events may resume with the considerations that follow. Any changes to these dates will be communicated as they become available.

One-Act Play

Note: Sunday competitions are allowed.

  • One-Act Play District/Bi-District certification deadline, originally scheduled March 26, has been extended to April 7.
  • One-Act Play Area certification deadline, originally scheduled for April 4, has been extended to April 14.

We ask that schools and local District Executive Committees work collaboratively and reasonably with one another in rescheduling district and bi-district one-act play. Area one-act play will be scheduled based on host site availability and will be communicated via the UIL website.

Regional Academic, Speech and One-Act Play

Academic Regional Meets are still scheduled for April 17-18 and One-Act Play Regional dates remain April 15-18. Current sites are subject to change.

District Competition

Scheduling your district competitions remain at your local administration’s discretion. We ask that schools and local District Executive Committees work collaboratively and reasonably with one another in rescheduling district competitions, as well as bi-district one-act play. Area one-act play will be scheduled based on host site availability.

Our office will work with contest managers and contest sites to reschedule as school districts allow. One Act Play directors, please have your contest managers update the State theatre director, Paula Rodriguez, prodriguez@uiltexas.org, with any changes in contest dates and locations. If you have immediate concerns, do not hesitate to call (512) 471-4517.We appreciate your cooperation and all that you do for UIL member schools.

Thank you,
Paula Rodriguez