Standards and Practices Committee

The Standards and Practices Committee is a standing committee of TTAO with a membership made up of contest managers and adjudicators from different regions of the state.  The committee is made up of 12 total members, 4 adjudicators, 4 contest managers, and 4 at-large positions and is chaired by the chair-elect of TTAO.

Function of the Standards and Practices Committee

  • Serve as nominating committee for TTAO Board
  • Approve adjudicator candidates for certification
  • Discuss issues and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors

Tana Howard

TTAO Region 1 – Contest Manager Committee Member

Larry Carpenter

TTAO Region 2 – Contest Manager Committee Member

Aimee Kasprzyk

TTAO Region 3 – Contest Manager Committee Member

Carla Schuman

TTAO Region 4 – Contest Manager Committee Member

Kathy Harvey

TTAO Region 1 – Adjudicator Committee Member

Rachal Harrah

TTAO Region 2 – Adjudicator Committee Member

Freddie Buckner

TTAO Region 3 – Adjudicator Committee Member

Kelsey Kling

TTAO Region 4 – Adjudicator Committee Member

Lou Lindsay

Appointed TTAO At-Large Committee Member – Region 1

Greg Arp

Appointed TTAO At-Large Committee Member – Region 2

Aquilla Aubrey

Appointed TTAO At-Large Committee Member – Region 3

Omar Leos

Appointed TTAO At-Large Committee Member – Region 4