Issues and Grievances

Your input is important to TTAO.  If you have a grievance or issue you need the TTAO board to be made aware of please use the link below.  TTAO has a code of ethics and professional standards included in our Manual of Operations.  Please familiarize yourself with our Code of Ethics and Professional Standards before submitting an ethics violation.

Fundamentally TTAO’s grievance process allows for the following:

TTAO Board will take up

Any ethics violation of adjudicator or contest manager as outlined by our Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

Any issue or ideas from our membership concerning the training of members

Any issue or idea from our membership to better any part of OAP process.

TTAO Board WILL NOT take up

Anonymous submissions

Issues arising from the results of a contest

non-ethics related issues regarding adjudicators or contest managers

Important Links:

TTAO Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

TTAO Grievance Process

Submit Grievance or Issue