2018 Election Results


Voting Information

Online voting took place between December 1-14.


The functions of both the Board of Directors and Standards and Practices Committee are as follows:


Function of the Board of Directors

  • Review adjudicator and contest manager evaluations
  • Nominate adjudicators to UIL for area/region/state
  • Govern the non-profit’s financial expenditures
  • Conduct the general business of TTAO


Function of the Standards and Practices Committee

  • Serve as nominating committee for TTAO Board
  • Approve adjudicator candidates for certification
  • Discuss issues and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors


Nominees & Results for TTAO Executive Board and Standards & Practices Committee:


Executive Board – Chair-Elect

(2 year term/6 year commitment/Must have served or is currently serving on Executive Board)


Craig Hertel

68.2%  (Winner)


Ezekiel Morgan





Executive Board – Director-At-Large

(2 year term/Must have served on S&P)


Yvonne Phillips-Dupree

43.2% (Winner)


Karen King



Gary Cooper




Standards & Practices Committee Region 2/Contest Manager

(3 year term)


Larry Carpenter

50.4% (Winner)


Kimberly Funderburk



Jacob Davis



Standards & Practices Committee – Region 4/Contest Manager

(3 year term)


Carla Schumann

62.8% (Winner)


David Nanny





Standards & Practices Committee – Region 2/Adjudicator

(3 year term)


Rachel Harrah

72.1% (Winner)


Will Walker



Standards & Practices Committee – Region 4/Adjudicator

(3 year term)


Kelsey Kling

100% (Winner)